Personal Collaboration Suite

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Personal Collaboration Suite -

Vyoog's patent pending online web portal "myvyoog", serves as a "Personal Collaboration Suite or simply Personal Cloud" for online users. Anyone is welcome to sign-up and setup their account at, where they can store / retrieve all their contents by collaborating with various other devices connected to Internet.

Users shall also be able to communicate and share information involving various interests of theirs with their family, friends and social media through the portal which will serve as a one stop sign-in tool. Users will also be able to collaborate with businesses for E-Commerce, Banking, Bill Payments and other needs.


Similar to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications for Enterprises, Vyoog offers a Personal Collaboration Suite “mymyoog” that can be considered as an Individual Resource Planning (IRP) tool for the users. myvyoog helps users to effectively manage their day to day activities through an innovative web portal that is:

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Protect from phishing, online scams and maintains online privacy. Also User Information will not be shared by Vyoog for commercial interests

Easy to use

Users will be able to get navigate with minimal efforts to access various features and information. Easily maintain their information on various on-line services.


User contents are regularly backed up and there is no fear of losing data.


Able to customize the application to better suit their interests and links user interests across common categories and enables Collaboration with family, friends, peers, etc. Users get what they seek, easily, in the order of their wish-list.

Services Offered

Productive Tools

Manage their time effectively, while searching for information or services online without addiction & distractions.

Communication Services

Email, chat, texting, audio, video conference through one single portal. Access all emails, messages, conduct conference calls under one log-in. Contact based communication rather than current service based domains (i.e.) user can select a contact and decide whether to text or email or do a voice call or video call.

Entertainment Services

Create an online database for movies, music and other entertainment services and offer them through cable service providers. Users can select the programs they wish to watch, record and play at their scheduled convenient time.

Financial Services

Provide access to all financial information – bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, etc. under one single log-in.