Software Design & Integration Services

Vyoog offers full range of software consulting services for businesses and non-profit institutions. Backed by our complete Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC) experience through innovation, technology and global service delivery model, Vyoog and its clients have been involved in many projects and achieved End-to-End efficiencies.

Software Design & Integration Services

Custom Software Development

Vyoog Software services help our clients to create solutions with technology that is customized to their workflow, volume, and personnel. A key aspect of our approach is continuous involvement of the client throughout the development. At each step, the client is always in a position to make informed decisions and recommendations.

Our approach to application customization and integration facilitates high quality solutions that meets our Client’s expectations. Whether the clients want to customize their applications to their unique environment or integrate applications, Vyoog Software Services has the comprehensive range of talent and expertise to build the complete solution.

Application Integration Services

Application Integration services focus on the clients' strategy, operations, people and information management. Vyoog combines creativity with proven methods and application expertise to help clients make difficult decisions about where to allocate resources in order to deliver the maximum return on their investments.

Vyoog Application Integration programmers use real-world scenarios to make even the most complex systems easy to use. Whether the project is to enable applications to Web access, add mobile technology, or integrate new devices we handle it with ease with our knowledge and expertise that we mastered over time.

Vyoog Approach to Software

Vyoog programmers address each new project by:

  • Assessing the specified applications
  • Planning the integration
  • Providing programming interfaces where necessary

Application Customization

Built on the premise that "no two offices operate alike," Vyoog approaches each client implementation with a robust feature-rich set of applications, best-practice examples, and a proven method for customizing the programs to fit the environment.

Using a proven four-phased method, our Vyoog application programmers:

  • Define the application requirements
  • Analyze the application characteristics
  • Produce and implement the application to the client's environment
  • Provide post-implementation support