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Core Features

How eVyoog EIS provides solutions to

Improve Process

To improve the Production & Invoice process.

Minimize Waste

Minimize the wastages.

Increase Profitability

Increase profits.

eVyoog Modules

Sales & CRM

Improve sales performance and sales intelligence to track orders in a highly collaborative dashboard tools to make decision faster. Optimizes the delivery velocity and provides visibility through out the sales life-cycle and increase the customer satisfaction.
Displaying of overall material movement status.
Displays Current Sales Status In The Sales Dashboard.
Widgets Can Be Configured By The User.

Lets automate your business processes to reap the savings and benefits


Procurement solution facilitate optimum spend management and controls the cost by directing the purchases to approved suppliers. Provides precise information on pricing comparison for material items of different vendors to save cost and also allow the user to track their purchase order for prompt delivery.
Displaying of overall material movement status.
Configurable widget as per the customer's need.
Graphical representation on material items for easy understanding.
Employ global development standards.


Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets (inventory) and stock items. A component of supply chain management, inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale. System shows more info on frequently used items and alert user when the item reaches the re-order level.
Displaying of overall material movement status.
Configurable widget as per the customer's need.
Graphical representation on material items for easy understanding.


eVyoog EIS enables production companies to efficiently manage manufacturing and assembly processes, such as production orders, bills of materials, supply, and material requirements planning. The Production module tracks changing inventory levels such as decrementing raw materials, incrementing assemblies and finished goods and any associated accounting data.

eVyoog EIS Helps To Schedule Production Based On Operations.
eVyoog EIS Helps Users To Identify The Entire Cost Of All Business Activities.
eVyoog EIS Provides Real-Time Production Dashboard (360-Degree View)

Human Resources

evyoog HR module helps in making decisions based on information rather than on perception and intuition. eVyoog EIS automates transactional activities to reduce the time spent and concentrate more on other categories. eVyoog EIS system helps the HR department to meet Statutory Compliance & Government regulations and also helps to abide with constantly evolving HR laws, rules and policy changes.

eVyoog EIS manages the attendance of the employee and also records their skill set.
eVyoog EIS enables the User to manage HR Budget and planning.
eVyoog EIS includes Employee self-service portal for Leave application, Attendance entries, Travel & Reimbursements


Finance Module includes a Finance Dashboard (360 degree view) which is rich in analytical representation of the overall Financial health of the Organization including financial planning & budgeting.


eVyoog EIS Finance and Accounting module will help you to turn all the paperwork into online reports and sheets that are available for anyone who has access rights.
eVyoog EIS enables Users to gather, track, and analyze financial information from different departments.
eVyoog EIS includes time-saving features like in-built workflows; they automate your accounting and streamline the process of data entry.
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