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eVyoog EIS provides the smartest solutions automatically to streamline your supply chain management requirements.

eVyoog EIS Inventory Management includes multiple cost-efficient processes that can be tailored to the requirements of various Business types and help to optimize their Inventory costs. eVyoog EIS provides the smartest solutions that automatically streamline the fulfilment and supply chain management.


eVyoog EIS has Built-in ABC analysis for inventory item categorization, that helps to manage the entire volume and assign relative priority to the right category.

The EOQ model in eVyoog EIS is meant to define the ideal order quantity a company should purchase for stock by gathering the costs related to a product and combining these factors, helps balance all ordering costs ideally.




Inward against Purchases / Customers Products / Sales Returns/ Reworks
MOQ and ROL1


Minimum order quantity & Reorder Level alerts
Multiple store location1

Multiple Store Locations

Track over multiple store location
Stock location1

Stock location

Stock location in single click
Material movement1

Track on Material Movement

Issue / Return / Consume / Damage
Delivery challan1

Delivery Challan

DC against Labour / Sales / Export / Scrap / Rejections / General


Captures changing items based on weight or quantity
Insights on Stock level
Material issue Track
Material return track
Vendor wise Inwarded items
Segregated inward count
Bottlenecked stock list

Easy Reports, Easy to use.

User friendly goods inward process.
Tightly secured gate in process for the material inward.
Customized reports.

Track DC Status

Secured outward process connected with concern departments.
User friendly gate out pass.
How it works

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