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eVyoog EIS Production Management enables Business Users to meticulously define, plan and execute their Production processes .

eVyoog EIS enables production companies to efficiently manage manufacturing and assembly processes, such as production orders, bills of materials, supply, and material requirements planning. The Production module tracks changing inventory levels such as decrementing raw materials, incrementing assemblies and finished goods and any associated accounting data.


eVyoog EIS has Built-in ABC analysis for inventory item categorization, that helps to manage the entire volume and assign relative priority to the right category.

The EOQ model in eVyoog EIS is meant to define the ideal order quantity a company should purchase for stock by gathering the costs related to a product and combining these factors, helps balance all ordering costs ideally.

eVyoog EIS Helps To Schedule Production Based On Operations Scheduling And Individual Job Scheduling. Planning Adjustments In EVyoog EIS Can Be Made, Based On Resource Capacity And Maintenance Schedule.
eVoog EIS Enables The Business User To Set The Formula Or Material Composition For An Item, Which Will Be Integrated In MRP Required In Estimating Main And Supporting Materials.
eVyoog EIS Routing Enables Users To Describe A Material Or Product Manufactured, Either Produced Internally Or Through A Toll Manufacturing Process.
eVyoog EIS Helps Users To Identify The Entire Cost Of All Business Activities Such As The Cost Of Upstream Activities, Process And Downstream By Which The User Can More Precisely Control Costs. It Also Helps To Reduce / Identify Wastage During The Processes.
eVyoog EIS Provides Real-Time Production Dashboard (360-Degree View) Updates By Capturing The Shift Productivity & Production Delays With Detailed Production Reports Based On Material Consumption, Resources & Energy Utilization.
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Head Of Production Unit Is Currently Able To Receive Daily Production Reports In The Desired Format With Each Shift Output, Completion Of Quality Checks And Rejections.
User-Friendly Automatic Log Capturing Feature Helps The Production Department Users To Save Time & Avoid Mistakes By Eliminating Hand-Written Log Books.
Output Problems Such As Long Lead Time, Unreasonable Production Schedule, High Inventory Rate, Supply Chain Interruption Are Solved With The Help Of eVyoog EIS.
Management Team Is Able To Track Consumption Of Valuable Raw Materials, Production Returned & Rejected Items Along- Side The Inventory Management Module And Eliminate Malpractice.
eVyoog EIS Inventory is equipped with smart notifications to alert Business Users about crucial information and to make decisions without delays.

Work Order

Production management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling of production activities. Production management enables in converting the raw material into finished goods / Products at an optimum level that facilitate the user in utilizing the resources optimally to increase the production capacity.
Generation of work order dynamically.
Generation of work order planning on the basis of order delivery date as well as the time taken by the process.
Tracking facility on work order status.

Job Log

Configurable log table.
User friendly dataflow based on the processed job order which can be grouped.
User can dynamically add the job viz Moulding->Melting->Fettling or Moulding->Fettling.
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